Megan Andersen

Megan Andersen is an English Language Specialist who collaborates with content area teachers to refine their teaching practices and support English Language Learners in the classroom.

Megan knows that all students benefit from instructional approaches and strategies that support academic language development in the classroom.  Teachers who know how to support English language learners find success and growth with all students in their class.  

Megan has taught language learners in middle and high school for 16 years. She also has taught adult English learners from countries around the world in the Pathways Global On-line program for Brigham Young University of Idaho.

Megan is experienced in co-teaching with content area teachers in language arts, math, and social studies. Incorporating language instruction to content instruction is her passion.

Megan holds a BA in English Education from Brigham Young University and a MA in Teaching the Linguistically Diverse from Regis University.