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The weather has turned colder, but that doesn't mean your learning has to do the same. This Spring semester, COpilot is featuring over 150 classes that can help you take your teaching to the next level. We have multiple opportunities for you to learn and grow. Our classes focus on real strategies you can use in your classrooms right away regardless of what time of year it is. Take some time and look through our classes and find some professional development from real educators that meets your needs. Take control of your learning with COpilot!

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English Learner PD Free Class FAQs

Can I use an ELPD credit on a class that is more than one credit?
Absolutely! Each ELPD credit has a $45 value (equivalent of a one-credit class), so if you want to take a two or three credit class, the enrollment fee will be discounted by $45.

How many ELPD credits do I get?
Each union member gets a maximum of three ELPD credits. You can only use one credit per year (August - July) and must use all of your credits by July 2021.

Are the ELPD credits refundable?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund ELPD credits unless you have exceptional circumstances that warrant a refund. If you feel that is the case, please contact Casey Kilpatrick, Director of Learning Services at CEA (

Are all classes eligible for the ELPD credits?
Only classes that have been approved by CDE as fulfilling the ELPD standards qualify for the free class program. Make sure to plan your learning using this matrix that matches up COpilot classes with the ELPD standards.

Redefining Reading (READ Act course) FAQs

How is the Colorado Education Association helping union members meet the READ Act requirement?

  • The CEA has assembled a team of four CEA members to build the highest quality, evidence/research-based online course to help union members meet the READ Act requirement. These union leaders are senior level COpilot facilitators and elementary reading specialists representing both large (urban/suburban) and small (rural) local associations.
  • Each section of Redefining Reading will be fully facilitated by one of these four members, which means the class content is not “sit and get.” Rather, course participants will work collaboratively with other educators across Colorado to study and improve reading instruction. Redefining Reading is single online course that meets the following criteria:
    • Consist of a minimum of 45 content hours;
    • Address the content of the educator preparation literacy standards referenced in the state board’s Rules for the Administration of Educator License Endorsements, 1 CCR 301-101, section 4.02(5) through 4.02(12); and   
    • Includes an end of course assessment that teachers can provide evidence of passing.

Is the Redefining Reading course approved by the Colorado Department of Education?

  • CEA is currently submitting the appropriate application for the Redefining Reading course to be approved by CDE. CEA hopes to have approval in January 2021.

When does the READ Act course start?

  • Redefining Reading, The READ Act COpilot course, will launch with four sections at the beginning of January 2021. The CEA hopes to offer four additional sections in March 2021 and at least eight more sections during the Summer 2021 term.

How do I enroll in Redefining Reading, the CEA READ Act course?

  • To enroll, you must have a CEA COpilot account. To create an account, visit and verify your union membership. After creating your account, search for Redefining Reading, add a class section to your cart, and proceed with checkout.

Who has access to the READ Act Course Credit on COpilot?

  • Only union members who identify as Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd, Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, or K - 5 in COpilot can access the READ Act Course Credit which is a coupon ($135 value) that makes the Redefining Reading course free for qualifying union members.

Can non-members take the Redefining Reading course?

  • Yes. Non-members can take the course, although they will pay the full non-member enrollment fee of $235. Non-members DO NOT have access to the READ Act Course discount.

Will Redefining Reading be eligible for graduate credit from Adams State University?

  • Yes. The course will be eligible for three graduate credits from Adams State University. The graduate credit is optional and costs an additional $55 per credit paid directly to Adams State University. Class participants who register for graduate credit and successfully complete a class section will receive official transcripts via mail shortly after the class section concludes.

Will my previous COpilot courses count towards meeting the READ Act requirement?

  • Unfortunately, previous COpilot coursework will not count towards meeting the READ Act requirement due to the fact the courses haven’t been approved for this purpose.

How do I submit proof I’ve completed the Redefining Reading course to CDE?

  • In order to submit proof of course completion to CDE, you will need the following documentation:
    • Scored End of Course Assessment — This will be available upon completing the final assessment in a Redefining Reading class section on COpilot.
    • Submission Worksheet Parts 1, 2 and 3 — A pre-filled PDF copy of this document will be available in each Redefining Reading class section. Educators will be responsible for filling out their personal information on the editable version of the worksheet.
    • Syllabus/outline — Course participants will find a downloadable version of the syllabus in the Course Documents section of each class section.
    • Certificate of completion that includes the number of content hours — Certificates will be delivered automatically via email after participants complete a class section and fill out the class evaluation form. Certificates will also be available in the My Certificates section for each COpilot user.

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