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Thursday September 15th  — 8:00am to 2:30pm

Denver, CO

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The marketplace for curriculum content has never before seen such innovation. 

The legislation and policy adoptions of state governments are having impact. Momentum is building for a transition to greater use of digital product than traditional print product than ever before.

No longer can you depend on a cyclical and predictable pattern of curriculum adoption. You and your team now confront this work annually, and not just in one subject, but all subjects. This change in curriculum and content procurement is forcing you to adopt new timelines, policies and processes to manage the transition.

So, how are you leading this change in your district?

At the Learning Counsel, it is our mission to help schools and school districts lead through this transition into the use of the new digital curriculum and content. We are a media and market research group led by our CEO, LeiLani Cauthen (20+ years in ed tech market research and media), and myself, Dr. David Kafitz (18+ years in public education from the classroom to the superintendency).

We formed the Learning Counsel to help you lead by providing you the market information, current research on school efforts to confront the move to digital, and strategy and tactics to lead through this period of hyper-change. Now more than ever, every arm of your organization must collaborate and cooperate if you are to emerge successfully in this new era.

The Learning Counsel will be hosting our Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion in Denver, CO September 15th.

Allow us to share with you the knowledge we've gathered about the marketplace and work of districts all across the country focused on the transition to teaching and learning through digital curriculum and content. Wherever your organization is in this journey – at the beginning or experienced due to multi-year initiatives, there is something for you to learn that can and will help you lead.


Thursday September 15th , 2016—8:00am to 2:30pm

(Breakfast and Lunch provided)

Aurora Public Schools

Professional Learning & Conference Center

15771 E 1st Avenue

Mount Harvard Room

Aurora, CO 80011