Using YouTube in the Classroom

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  • Class Type: Online
  • Date: 10/2/2017 - 11/5/2017
  • Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Location: Online
  • Adams State Credit: 1
  • Nonmember Price: $145
  • CEA Member Price: $45

Have you ever wanted time to explore YouTube videos that connect to your classroom curriculum? Teachers will actively participate in online learning to further develop their understanding of the power YouTube has in education. Teachers will become curators and creators of YouTube videos in a format that can contribute to their classroom tomorrow.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Demonstrate the curation of videos by creating (playlists) that can be directly tied to their grade level state standards and district curriculum.
  • Identify various types of video creation found on YouTube and respond to them in our class discussion.
  • Explore other educators YouTube Channels and subscribe to ones that pertain to their curriculum.
  • Create an educational instructional video that other teachers could use.
  • Grade(s): Pre-K | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade | 6th Grade | 7th Grade | 8th Grade | 9th Grade | 10th Grade | 11th Grade | 12th Grade | Elementary K-5 | Secondary 6-12
  • Subject(s): Art/Music | Career And Technical | Comprehensive Health | Dance | Drama/Theater Arts | English Language Arts | English Language Learning | Math | Reading,Writing,Communicating | Science | Social Studies | Technology | Visual Arts | World Languages
  • Colorado Academic Standard(s):
  • Teacher Quality Standard(s):

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