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StoryMaking: The Maker Movement Approach to Literacy for Early Learners


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About the Course

Educators will participate in an online book study to further develop their understanding of the importance of StoryMaking using a Maker Movement Approach. If you are looking to integrate fresh ideas of learning including the maker movement, literacy, play, oral language, uses of tools and materials then this is the class for you! At the end of this course teachers will understand and will be able to incorporate StoryMaking into their classrooms, meet students interests, and align with standards. This course is appropriate for Pre-K - 2 teachers in all content areas.

Required Text:

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Educators will be able to help their students design and implement creative stories in a variety of subjects. 
  • Identify the benefits of StoryMarking across the academic curriculum. 
  • Develop a plan to apply StoryMaking in the classroom. 
  • Provide StoryMaking opportunities for ELL students to be successful.
  • Grade(s): Pre-K Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade
  • Subject(s): English Language Learning Professional Development
  • Teacher Quality Standard(s): QS 1.B.Elementary QS 1.C QS 2.A QS 2.B QS 2.C QS 3.A QS 3.B QS 3.D QS 3.F


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