Facilitator Profile Picture

Amy Bohen

Amy Bohen is a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education teacher who works with students in kindergarten through fifth grade and supports them in their English language acquisition skills.  After spending a decade as a classroom teacher and another ten years as a CLDE teacher, Amy knows that the first step in educating children is a compassionate and mindful attitude combined with a toolbox of strategies and ‘with-it-ness’.  Understanding  students’ backgrounds and connecting with them and to their personal experiences enables children to take risks, expand ideas, and build confidence as lifelong learners.

Amy has worked with at-risk youth for most of her educational career.  She began teaching in Baltimore City Schools before moving to Melbourne, Australia.  While overseas she learned the value of understanding differences and about building relationships based on mutual respect.  She currently works in Westminster, Colorado where she works with children who are fortunate to have at least two languages.

Amy has been trained in several early literacy interventions as well as language acquisition strategies and methods that engage and support academic success.   She believes that good teaching strategies are beneficial for all students, regardless of background.

Amy holds a BA in History from Fordham University, an MS in Elementary Education from Canisius College, and an MA in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education and Special Education from The University of Colorado Boulder.  She has been an educator since 1998.