Facilitator Profile Picture

Avis Paul

Avis Paul is currently a 5th- 8th grade technology teacher who works for the Roaring Fork School District in beautiful Basalt, Colorado.  Having spent 10 years teaching middle school literacy, social studies, and technology, Avis believes that school needs to be fun and engaging!  She does all that she can to ensure that her technology classes are engaging, enjoyable, and full of enthusiastic students.  Fortunately, the technology that is available to middle school students is able to be adapted to almost all situations to make classroom learning enjoyable.  Today’s students need to be knowledgeable about current technology and have a creative mind to blend technology with new ideas, so that they can flourish in the society that they will be graduating into.  Avis also has an interest in inquiry and curiosity in the classroom.  She believes that the more voice and choice students have, the more they will be excited about the learning that is taking place in the classroom.  Avis’s classes are currently working on multiple projects including paper rocketry, robotics, digital storytelling, and designing accurate models of suspension bridges in the school’s makerspace.   

Avis is a Level 2 Google Certified Educator and considers herself to be a lifelong learner.  She takes every opportunity to attend professional development events both as a student and as a presenter.  Recently, she has attended the Innovative Education Colorado conference in Keystone, Colorado and Google’s EdTechTeam Aspen Summit.  Avis has been a presenter for three years running at the Roaring Fork Valley Ed Tech Summit.           

Avis holds a BA in English Literature, a BS in Broadcast News, and a MA in Curriculum and Instruction, all from the University of Colorado at Boulder.