Facilitator Profile Picture

Kathy Zaleski

Kathy is a Social Studies teacher at Northglenn High School who works with high school students on learning how to critically read the world around them.  Kathy began her teaching career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Macedonia, teaching at a K-8 in the mountain town of Krusevo. She strongly believes in teaching in a way that is culturally responsive and incorporates the philosophy of restorative justice into her work.  Along with teaching, Kathy facilitates trainings on how to use restorative practices in schools around the state and country.  Kathy was a CEA Fellow in the 2017 school year, focusing on how to bring restorative practices to pre-service teachers.  She is also an associate representative for her building and continues to find ways to get involved with her local association and CEA.  Kathy holds a BS from Indiana University in Secondary Education Social Studies and a MA from University of Arizona in Language, Reading, and Culture.