Facilitator Profile Picture

April Leitshuh

April Leitshuh is a Social Studies teacher and Environmental Club sponsor who works with high school students to help them learn about how to think critically and apply the skills they learn in class to the world around them. April believes that fostering positive relationships with students is the most important thing about education. Once you have build a strong relationship, students and teachers working together can accomplish incredible things.

April started her career in New Orleans, where she and her students made huge gains in increasing their reading abilities. She then did the same in Montbello, Colorado at a DPS middle school. Currently she is working with freshman and seniors and guiding them to identify problems in their school and community with an emphasis on helping them implement strategies to solve the problems. April has trained teachers about incorporating more environmentally sound practices into their classrooms. She has also led professional development on how to make classrooms more inclusive of all students.

April holds a BS in History Education from Illinois State University, and a MA in Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies from Concordia University-Portland.