Facilitator Profile Picture

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is an educator who works with linguistically diverse students to help them reach English proficiency as well as academic success in their content classes.

Robert knows that collaborating with educators and professionals from a variety of backgrounds will enhance the practice of everyone involved without bringing in consultants from outside agencies.  Teachers are professionals with the capacity to build from within. [what you know/believe about the work you do].

Robert is currently pursuing his doctorate in education EdD from the University of California and is finding this to be a very challenging and rewarding experience.  His research will help English learners across the state receive equitable learning opportunities through leveraged state and federal funding sources. 

Over Robert’s ten year tenure as an educator, he has taught middle school English and English language development classes in high school where he received the Hispanic Advisory Committee’s Teacher of the year award in 2015.  [First name] is a [trained/certified/awarded] [insert relevant trainings, awards, honors, etc].

In addition to Robert’s doctoral studies, he is a Google Certified Educator and holds a BA in English literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a MA in Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Colorado, Denver.