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Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee is a secondary mathematics teacher who currently works with 7th grade students in Colorado to build their mathematical/critical thinking skills. This is her 15th year of teaching math; 11 years at the middle school level and 4 years at the high school level.

The way in which students learn has changed dramatically from her first year of teaching. Over the course of several years, Catherine has updated her teaching style to meet the needs of the newest generation of digital learners. By creating videos and incorporating them into her class, students are able to use technology in a meaningful way within her classroom and she is able to have small groups to help students succeed. In turn, classroom management has become much easier, better relationships with students have been formed, days are less stressful, and her evaluations have improved. In addition, students are able to watch the videos at home when they are absent or when they want to see the lesson again. The following are quotes from students and one parent:

  • “It has given me the chance to work at my own pace. I can rewind the video if I don’t get something and work on homework faster.”
  • “The positive changes that I have noticed are that people are working harder and it’s a lot more fun to do than watch the teacher stand in front of the class for a large percentage of the class.”
  • “I don’t have to wait for kids to get quiet.”
  • “I’ve seen people understanding more about what is going on and people are becoming more positive and happy to learn new things.”
  • “I feel like my math skills are getting stronger because of the videos. I have seen a positive change in my grades.”
  • “I have been able to focus more and I now have access to the lesson from home! I have been able to go at my own pace. If I have any questions, Mrs. Lee is always available.”
  • “I have noticed that there are more interactions with each other but we still get our work done.”
  •  “My daughter and I no longer argue about doing assignments. I can watch the videos with her and I know how to help her.”

Catherine holds a BA in secondary mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado, a MA in secondary pedagogy and design in mathematics from the University of Colorado in Denver, and a MA in school counseling from Adams State University.