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School is back in session, so it's time to start thinking about adding new strategies to your educator toolbox. CEA has over 130 COpilot classes this fall that will help you get ready for the new, learn some great practices you can use right away, and continue making you the best possible educator for your kids. Don't let the beginning of the year busyness stop you from investing in some high-quality professional learning that will positively impact you, your school, and your students.

Don't forget!

CEA is offering up to three free classes to union members so they can easily meet the new license requirement stating that teachers who are endorsed in elementary, math, science, social studies, or English language arts must demonstrate 45 hours of English Learner PD during their next, new license renewal period. For more information about the new requriement, please click here.

To see what fall courses we're offering, click here, or browse our Fall 2021 Course Catalog. We have dozens of classes that you can take for free and even more that help you learn about technology, instructional strategies, and leadership. Enrollment opens on July 29 so mark your calendars!

English Learner PD Free Class FAQs

Can I use an ELPD credit on a class that is more than one credit?
Absolutely! Each ELPD credit has a $45 value (equivalent of a one-credit class), so if you want to take a two or three credit class, the enrollment fee will be discounted by $45.

How many ELPD credits do I get?
Each union member gets a maximum of three ELPD credits. You can only use one credit per year (August - July) and must use all of your credits by July 2022.

Are the ELPD credits refundable?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund ELPD credits unless you have exceptional circumstances that warrant a refund. If you feel that is the case, please contact Casey Kilpatrick, Director of Learning Services at CEA (

Are all classes eligible for the ELPD credits?
Only classes that have been approved by CDE as fulfilling the ELPD standards qualify for the free class program.

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