The weather has turned colder, but that doesn't mean your learning has to do the same. This spring semester, COpilot is featuring over 130 classes that can help you take your teaching to the next level. We have multiple opportunities for you to learn and grow. Our classes focus on real strategies you can use in your classrooms right away regardless of what time of year it is. Take some time and look through our classes and find some professional development from real educators that meets your needs. Take control of your learning with COpilot!

Don't forget that the more classes you take, the bigger discount you receive at check out!

To see what spring courses we're offering, click here, or browse our COpilot Spring 2024 Course Catalog. We have dozens of classes that you can take for free and even more that help you learn about technology, instructional strategies, and leadership. Enrollment opens on December 8!

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